Mainland Company Formation

Have you ever thought of setting up a mainland company in Dubai? A mainland company in UAE is licensed by the Department of Economic Development in the relevant Emirates of the United Arab Emirates.

Mainland Company
Formation in UAE

Ever envisioned establishing a flourishing business in the heart of Dubai? Mainland company formation in the UAE, licensed by the Department of Economic Development, offers a gateway to unrestricted local and international market operations. At United Business Formations, our expertise streamlines the complex documentation processes, ensuring a seamless Mainland company setup.
Mainland businesses enjoy unparalleled flexibility, with no restrictions on trade within the UAE or globally. They can engage in direct consumer trade, provide services to the government, and establish a strong presence across emirates.
Mainland businesses have the freedom to diversify their services by registering new business activities with the DED. This wide scope enables entrepreneurs to explore various avenues and cater to diverse market
Recent regulations have opened doors for 100% foreign ownership in Mainland companies, a significant advantage for overseas investors. This allows complete control and ownership of business entities, fostering a favorable environment for international entrepreneurs.

Choose Your Business Activity

Select the business activity you plan to undertake in the Mainland, considering the diverse opportunities available.

Select an Ideal Business Location

With no geographical restrictions, choose a strategic location for your business operations within the UAE.

Understand Legal Structures

Familiarize yourself with various legal structures applicable to businesses in the UAE Mainland.

Find a Local Sponsor

Partner with a local sponsor to navigate legal requirements and ensure smooth business operations.

Choose a Trade Name

Select a unique and appealing trade name for your company, adhering to DED guidelines.

Apply for Mainland Trade License

Initiate the Mainland trade license application process to formalize your business operations.

Secure Office Space

Acquire a suitable office space, meeting legal requirements and providing a conducive environment for business activities.

Visa Acquisition

Facilitate the visa application process for relevant stakeholders, ensuring compliance with immigration regulations.

Embarking on Mainland company formation demands a deep understanding of legal intricacies and a strategic approach. United Business Formations stands as your trusted partner, offering comprehensive support to instill confidence in your Mainland business setup journey. Contact us to unlock the full potential of your business in the vibrant landscape of the UAE.

With United Business Formations, you can expect expert guidance and solutions that will benefit your business and company. You can count on our experts to handle your requirements.
Port saeed, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Port saeed, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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